Independent Working !

Contracting & fixed term posts can provide an exciting and challenging work life

Contracting and fixed term posts can provide a varied and challenging work life across a range of working across different speech and language therapy environments. If you’ve always worked in permanent roles speech therapy roles, it can take a real shift in mindset to adapt to contracting. That said, there are some great benefits to consider that may help you decide, if it’s right for you.

Reasons companies need contractors:

Companies employ people on a contractual basis for many reasons.

  • Assistance with special projects.
  • Cover for maternity leave or other absences.
  • During particularly busy periods of the year.
  • Analysing an employee’s performance with a view to permanent employment.

1. Flexibility

Contracting gives you the opportunity to integrate your work into your lifestyle. Simply put, you can choose to take on contract assignments as and when it suits you.

2. Variety

Contracting is a good way to try out different industries, sectors and jobs without having to commit to the role on a permanent basis. Not only does this build up a variety of experiences, it is also ideal for those who enjoy ‘hitting the ground running’ with fresh projects and challenges.

3. Better pay

Because of their specialist, well developed knowledge, niche skills set and experience, contractors can generally command a premium on pay. SaLT jobs always pay at a rate of £30.00+ to our therapists.

4. Access to sought-after roles

Contracting is a great way to get a foot in the door of a company you really want to work for, as employers are often more open and flexible to taking on contractors than they are with permanent hires, especially during periods of greater economic uncertainty. This also provides the opportunity to build up a wider network of contacts.

5. Faster up-skilling

With each contract role, you will be introduced to new projects, working environments, systems and processes, allowing you to learn on the job and increasing your value. With more knowledge under your belt, you’re more likely to secure a pay rise in your next project.

6. Adaptability

Many contractors tell us that contracting helps shape their ability to adapt to new environments, as they are constantly required to to work with a mix of personalities, management styles and organisational structures.

7. Experience of different company cultures

As you work across different companies you will be exposed to the range of working styles and cultures. Contracting helps you gain experience to those best suited to your personality – an opportunity that is not possible in a permanent role.

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